Tsunoda: Kinect’s next innovation will come from software, not hardware


Jim Fox

I'm disappointed to hear that once again Microsoft is milking old hardware. The Kinnect ver. 1 was a good start, but the first version of anything always shows it's weaknesses. The second or even third version is always much stronger. Think of the Xbox itself as an example of this. The Kinnect needs higher resolution vision and better hearing. These two weaknesses can't be improved much with software. I sit or stand 15-20 feet back from a large screen TV which isn't a rare situation. I find the Kinnect is myopic and hard-of-hearing at that distance. The only way I could get it to hear and respond to my FUS RO DAH was to turn the HT sound down so low that it ruined the playing experience. After a year or more of the Kinnect ver. 1, Microsoft has certainly learned enough to design and build a much more powerful version 2. BRING IT ON!



Glad to hear it! I only just bought a Kinect (FUS RO DAH!!)...

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