Tomb Raider review



I for one LOVED SI mode. It was like Batman's Detective sight, which I don't remember anyone complaining about before. I have trouble seeing in low light areas (I know that sounds stupid, but even if I fiddle with settings and other people are fine, I struggle) so having those highlights are like having a super power to me. (The power being normal sight, but still...)



You guys still have a magazine?  That is shocking since the juvenile writing is still prevelent. I just wanted to see this review because one of the biggest reasons I cancelled my subscription was your ridiculous need, to want multiplayer in every game no matter how stupid the idea. Bioshock 2 was mediocre because of the forced multiplayer mode, Dead Space is no longer a horror franchise because it had to have multiplayer stuffed in and is now an action game, and it is evident that the Assassin's Creed team spends so much time on that mind numbing multiplayer experience that they forgot to fix the rampant bugs throughout AC3. Now Tomb Raider is coming and recieving sterling reviews. One thing though, the multiplayer that is being forced in is being critically destroyed because it sucks apparently. When will the gaming masses see that most games don't require multiplayer and it needlessly hurts the game in the end. As someone who has played games since before anybody at this magazine was even born, I ask that you stop this nonsense before it kills gaming as we know it.



I agree. Games I play have one character that you play for you.  Multi-player works fine for COD fans who want to follow the sergeant, but open world first person games, it's an added arcade attraction I could never get into. SP works for me - me against the game.

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