TNT Racers review


TNT Racers review

Early on, TNT Racers (the “TNT” is short for “Tracks ’N’ Tricks”) seems best suited for little kids, with its pokey pace and its candy-cannon and confetti-mine pickups. The first 15 solo “challenges” are easy-peasy, sustained only by the tracks’ colorful, cartoonish look. The pace picks up for the remaining 30 events, but once everything’s faster, your handling feels a bit twitchy.

Outrunning opponents ’til they drop off the screen should’ve been fun, but the camera’s swindling behavior is your real nemesis: the damn thing zooms out if you’re in the lead, then zooms close when you aren’t. That means you usually have to outrun the opposition by a whole bunch, while even small distances take you out of contention if you fall behind. Coming back as a ghostly troublemaker to distract the remaining contestants is cold comfort after you’ve been cheated in this way.

The only real reason to try TNT Racers is its four-player online stampedes across nine courses, each with a reverse variant. Simple oil slicks and smoke screens won’t knock your socks off, but at least your fellow humans
can’t cheat.

On Xbox Live Arcade

+ Online races across nine bright environments sprinkled with pick-ups, small jumps, and slight shortcuts.

- Solo challenges swing from tepid and tedious to exasperating.

- Capricious camera is out to get you.

? Why must you pick a control scheme before every race?


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