Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 review



For years now, one of my main gripes with the game has been a lack of celebration after major accomplishment.. ie tourney wins, great shots, finishing a tour season. I think that feeds into your 'lifeless' analysis. Cut scenes are now an important part of all games, yet TW usually has little to do with them.    One think worth mentioning is the new Boost Pin and Coin model. It works very well and is smooth... also saving up for the 15k 'Refill only Pack' is worthwhile.    My last bit of opinion is on the improvements made to acquiring sponsonships and Course Masteries... both have been made more intuative and have been a highlight to my game experience.   



Well-stated gkicker2. I definitely agree with you on all those points. And yes, the lack of celebration is a big part of the game's lifelessness, IMO.



That's right OXM, don't make mention of the ridiculous amount of Day One DLC. How many times are we expected to bend over and take it on the same courses we purchased just 1 year ago.

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