Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode II hands-on preview (+ video!)



"Even though we liked Sonic 4: Episode I, some of the blue bomber’s fanbase didn’t take kindly to the modern-era modifications to the classic formula". "the blue bomber"Sonic is the blue blur, Megaman is the blue bomber =\ .Other than that I could care less if it was modern or classic, just as long as the art style is good whihc episode 1 wasn't because of how everything clashed.Episode 2 is looking much better and news that is plays much better puts a smile on my face so I'll be looking out for this myself.



Awesome! I know my opinion may be in the minority, but I loved both sonic 4 ep 1 and generations (and of course sonic CD) and cant wait for this game to come out.  I will agree that the quality of sonic games has been sporatic since the dreamcast version of sonic adventure 2 (who's idea was the wherehog anyway?) but after playing generations religously and reliving my fond memories of sonic CD these past couple of months I cant wait for more sonic!  

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