Sonic Generations review



I wish this game would have gotten a more in depth review from you guys, and criticizing the game for not covering enough of your favorite sonic games seems a tad over zealous.  Ive been playing this game since the nov 1st, and have gotten quite a bit more than 5 or 6 hours out of the experience.  besides the 18 acts, there are a total of 90 challenge stages with a wide variety of objectives,various iconic bosses from the past games, and xobx live leaderboards to compete on. I just hope that a score that low doesnt deter anyone who had been looking forward to this game from trying it out, its a great package for 50 bucks thats full of nostalgia and unlockables, and its a fitting return to form for sonic, and i also mean the 3D levels, which are very well designed with multiple pathways and secrets to find.  so please if you are or ever were a sonic fan, i urge you to give this game a shot youll be glad you did! 



WHOOOOW WHOWWW! THERE!DAVY!                                                                                                                    "Unfortunately, only a third of the game is dedicated to re-creating Genesis-era stages, and classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic 3D aren’t represented at all. Even worse, the game’s beatable in five or six hours, with little incentive to reach 100% completion. Hopefully, Generations can spawn a sequel that fixes these flaws."                                                                                                                                                                          Are you serious?? You are counting these subjective statements to crucify this game of a well deserved score? I can understand bad game design, like collision and detection issues, bad controls etc etc, but counting the design in reference to era as  "flaw"? that is so SO stupid! If you don't like the stage and are more nostalgically attached to the old ones like myself, that's one thing and its ok to be attached, but don't let nostalgia determine weather the game is bad due to your memory of what you as a liked or knew, instead your "review" should focus on playability, like , controls, A.I., detection, etc . I hated Sonic on its first 360 appearance years ago, but welcome the redesigns in hopes I can play it polished and bug free.There are tons of people who LOVED the Dreamcasts ones and I myself wasn't the biggest fan of some of those stages, but as a reviewer, my job should be to see if it works and how well does it works. Not so much about what SKIN and music is running on the background unless its utterly annoying(which was never the reason sonic got a bad Rep in his 3D years, that was all buggs and control). The game I think is even longer then any 2D sonic of the classic era.

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