Skyrim: Dragonborn review



It is clear that you haven't played Morrowind, so you wouldn't fully appreciate this DLC. Taking points off the overall grade of the DLC due to dragon riding mechanics is silly for the type of game it is. The difficult puzzles within the Dwemer Ruins was very refreshing and the DLC as a whole was a welcomed challenge.. This is a very worthwile add-on akin to an official expansion pack.   



I'm just going to say it. This DLC is amazing through and through. Obviously everyone has their own opinion and a 7.5 is a solid score. I'm not going to be one of those guys who complains that a score is too low. It is a good score, but for me personally it would be higher. DLC I imagine are finicky for reviews, but this is the best DLC I have played in terms of shear content and great locales and quests in a long time. It is the whole package and even at 20 dollars I don't feel screwed at all. I think you get your money's worth where in a lot of DLC's you don't. There is a reason they call this an add-on or expansion at Bethesda rather than DLC. I will say I am slightly biased because I adore Morrowind and I got goose pimples seeing Morrowind-y stuff and hearing the familiar tunes from that amazing game play in the background. That said I didn't even touch the main campaign until nine hours or so in. Nine hours! I could have kept going. When I did start the main quest it was because I wanted to. Not because I had run out of other stuff to do. There are actually quite a few side and misc. quests. I know the dragon riding was probably a let down, but in most of our hearts we probably knew it wouldn't be very good. They can't get horses to work very well. Not an excuse though. They could have put more effort in. I'm sure they worked hard on it though. They may have even felt pressure because fans wanted it so bad. Don't know. With the new landmas to explore, the new weapons, armors, spells, shouts etc. to find, new creatures and more; this return to Solstheim or for some first adventure to the new land is worth every Microsoft Point! There are of course occasional bugs, though I have been unaffected so far. Also, on a side note in response to the mentioning of Dwemer ruins, for me they have always been some of my favorite dungeouns and still are. I personally felt that dungeon with cubes and water levels was a nice change of pace from the normal game and perfectly fit in with the story. I also enjoyed hanging out with the occasionally (mostly) pompous Telvanni wizard on that quest. For those that know Telvanni they will understand that that felt like something a Telvanni archwizard would do in their spare time. Good times, but I shall stop rambling now.


Francesca OXM

Thanks for the well-reasoned feedback on the DLC, Xenophi. Appreciate your take on Dragonborn and happy to hear you're really enjoying it!

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