SHOWCASE: Halo 4 interview with 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor


KELLZz 252

Great interview, i honestly cannot wait for more info and for halo 4 to come out! p.s. Im glad im not the only one with an orangy beard and a different color hair. Just saying lol.



Appreciate the tech feedback NuAngel. Hopefully our ops team can sort it out. Thanks, and glad you enjoyed the video!



I can't get the embed code to work to share this! I'm still sharing the URL with people! Very exciting, and a nice little bit of a reveal. Further confirmation that the game will have us visiting Forerunner installations and seeing their technology in action! Sweeeet! **Also, commenting doesn't appear to work properly in IE9, anymore.  I used Opera instead.  You should have your web-team consider trying to use Disqus, seems to be the new standard in commenting.  /nerd

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