Rocksmith review



This game is alright... I've got some pretty good skill in Guitarhero and Rockband games, so i decided to try to learn real guitar... after many failed attempts at teaching myself, I pretty much lost all hope. have a Fender Squire sitting around doing nothing. I caught wind of this game coming out and decided i have to get it. if nothing else, it'll entertain me for a little while. I'll admit, i feel like i have started to get better at playing a guitar. I still struggle with chords a lot though. but some of the songs are fairly easy to play, as long as its just picking single strings. or small "chord" like section when you pick 2 stings at a time. there are a few problems with this game though.. my number one complaint is the practice modes. it kicks  you off the section you were practicing if one of two things happen. either you "master" the section.. as in, you happen to get all notes hit at 100% accuracy. in my case, i get lucky sometimes and would still like to practice it.. but no, it kicks you off of it because your now a "master". the second thing that will boot you out of the practice mode is its got a "lives" system. and when you can't do it in 5 turns it boots you. what happend? did my instructor get annoyed at listening to me fail so many times?! whats the point in a practice mode if your going to get booted after failing!?! isn't a practice mode ment to help you get better?!my second problem with this game is chords. some newbs to the guitar don't know a darn thing about chords except that they exsist. I'm somewhat familiar with them but struggle alot with them. in this game they throw them at you randomly as if you will recognize exactly what it is right of the bat. it comes and goes and newbs just sit in awe as if wondering "wtf just happend? wtf was that?!" in this case, once again. a practice mode would be very helpful. one that doesn't boot you for failing or masterin. I know it has one that supposedly teaches chords, however, it doesn't really help you figure out the finger placement.  at first it plays a couple chords then tells you "your ready to play the chord challenge!!".  well thats exciting n all, however, the chord practice i stuggled with, and if i didn't hit it correctly, it stopped for me until i got it. during the chord challenge though, it doesn't do this. it plays a chord, 4-5 times and switches it to a different chord. by the time the 5th note passes, I finally JUST got the hang of the chord, but guess what. A new chord is on its way.. wait, lemme take that back.. the new chord has already passed by 2-3 times already. and by this time i realize, their switching back to the first chord. so i might as well say screw this second chord and keep my fingers right where they are. all in all.. if you have a little experience playing guitar, yeah. this game might help you learn a bit more. if your new to guitar completely however, this game does not live up to its motto "anyone can play guitar".. well.. lets see if they do an update on the practice modes before i'll beleive that. but more likely, they'll just wait till Rocksmith 2 comes out. forcing me to shell out another $80. greedy company.. >:(  and only cause they know i'll friggin buy it... sigh.

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