Resident Evil 6 review



First of all, i visit your page some time now. I really never wanted to complain about your reviews, 'cause you people do a good job. Really. I like OXM Online.But, oh please!I cannot read that review without saying anything about it. I am 35, i live in Greece and i play Resident Evil games since the very first one for the Psx (PsOne).Let me say, Resident Evil was very good, Resident Evil 2 was even better, Resident Evil 3 was very good, Resident Evil: Code Veronica on the Dreamcast was superb, Resident Evil 4 was... ok, Resident Evil 5 had very impressive graphics but had not much to do with the rest of the series and with Resident Evil 6, Capcom turned a very good Horror-Action-Adventure IP, into... a plain shooter!?!?... what a waste! I mean, don't you people played the Resident Evil's on Psx? Don't you miss the puzzles? It's really not the same game, the same genre anymore! I don't get it...Thankfully, i rented Resident Evil 6 to try out and thank God i did NOT buy it.  Resident Evil is dead to me from now on. It is really amazing how Developers can kill their own games. You wanna make a shooter Capcom? No problem, but dont name it Resident Evil just for the sales, it is really pathetic.It's like the new Rambo movie would be a comedy. You just try to rip-off your fans and doing so, you will loose the most of them. And to you, dear OXM team, my complain is... like i said i really enjoy your reviews and i will still read them in the future, but with this one.. i really think that Capcom paid you to give them a high review-score. The game has nothing to do with Resident Evil.I hope you can accept my critisism, think about it.Friendly,Nestat.



There are a lot of haters out there. I am having a blast with this game. I'm not sure what people have against it. Maybe it's to hard or to scary for them and this is how they choose to react.  The Leon campaign alone felt like the closest experience to being held up in a store being attacked by zombies that I have ever had. People who complain that there's to many enemies need to learn how to play challenging games. How about the people who say "this isn't a survival horror game", well to you I say It hasn't been a survival horror game sense RE-2 because even at Nemesis it started to turn into a action game. But that's not a bad thing Resident Evil is evolving and there's a lot of people who really love the evolution of these games. I'm afraid with all the haters out there who cant complete a game if there's not a save point every 2 minutes keep talking bad about the game and hurt the sales, we wont see another RE game and will be stuck playing games where we just re-spawn for the rest of our lives. Don't believe the haters out there this game rocks and is the best thing to come out this year!

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