Rage review



I dont mean to bash your review, but it would appear that you haven't even played the multiplayer, the road rage mode is four players, I have no idea where you got 6 players from, and it would appear you gave this game an average review because of texture pop ins which you notice, but is honestly not that big a deal, and load times, which you exaggerate greatly, try playing Fallout, those load times are intense, the load times of Rage for me are approx. 20-30 seconds every half an hour or so that I actually have to use a load screen. Just my two cents, I feel that if you play the game a second time, and really look at it, this game is a solid 9/10



Just got into the game, so don't have much of an impression. But i'm suprised you guys didn't know about the Wasteland Sewere missions, I remember a big news story about it a month ago and actually just checked my game package and found it.....the Wasteland Sewer missions are free with all new copies of Rage as an incentive to buy the game new. The case contains a card with a code on it to download the missions. 



Weird, I barely notice pop-in on XBOX. You gave Gears a perfect 10 last week, and I noticed a lot of texture pop-in.



Thanks for the review Ryan. Too bad about the loading times, but I think I'll give it a go anyways. Post apocalyptic mutants and bladed boomerangs sounds like too good a combo... :)



Thanks for the honest review Ryan!  With the kinds of games that are coming out, I think I'll save my money maybe for Batman Arkham City?

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