Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare hands-on with Garden Ops



PvZ will be a,awesome gane and I am glad Microsoft is taking a risk and letting go the single player robotic way of playing. I feel gaming is turning toward the future and doing without single player for a change. Don't get me wrong as single player is great and all but multiplayer and co-op are known as the best sellers and continues to connect the world of Xbox players together and that is,truly what make games like PvZ that much more fun. I truly enjoy the Xbox Live community.


Dave OXM

Oh boy, that's the million-dollar question (or $30, rather). Given the surprisingly-lengthy run ME3's multiplayer had, I expect PvZ will have a dedicated following, though likely not the largest.



In your ever wise, humble opinion, is PvZ: Garden Warfare going to last more than a few months with populated multiplayer lobbies. Or are we going to get a game that is 1/2 dead in a few months because of the lack of single player?

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