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Thursday 24th Jul 2014
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    Video: Play GTA 5 as a coyote, a shark, Bigfoot or any other character

    Weary of Grand Theft Auto 5's three lead characters? Help is at hand, and you won't even have to dig into your Xbox 360's innards. Enterprising Youtuber ocrammarco5 has put together a video guide to a save game hack outlined on Se7ensins, which allows you to play as any other character from the game, be it a stripper, a police officer or Chop, Trevor's pet pooch.

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    Titanfall update to add in-game currency, Burn Card boosters

    I'm a sucker for booster packs. Whether it's an adolescence spent chucking pound coins at newsagents for football stickers or a masochistic desire for that "oh, I've already got that rare" feeling, there's something about tearing blindly into a packet of functionally useless ex-tree matter that just gets to me. Respawn get what I'm saying - just look at how pretty their virtual boosters are. I want one.

Wednesday 23rd Jul 2014