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Friday 29th Aug 2014
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    Gunsport announced for Xbox One, coming in early 2015

    Imagine a world where global squabbles were settled though a game of footy. Forget 1984 or Brave New World, that's probably the most terrifying distopia I can envisage, and it's (kind of) the premise of a new game announced for Xbox One today.

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    State of Decay Xbox One confirmed for spring 2015, runs at 1080p

    The original State of Decay will, in fact, come to Xbox One, despite hesitation on the subject from Undead Labs in January. Microsoft has announced a Year One Survival Edition, which comprises a 1080p-capable version of the original zombie survival sim plus its two expansion packs, Breakdown and Lifeline, and some brand new content.

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    Xbox One's September update is available now - here's a video

    The latest Xbox One update is now available to all and sundry, a couple of days ahead of schedule. It allows users to boot up straight to TV, delete multiple Game DVR videos at once, save your Avatar Gamerpic to OneDrive and make use of new Party app functions, among other things.

Thursday 28th Aug 2014