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Thursday 23rd Oct 2014
Wednesday 22nd Oct 2014
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    EA wins out over lawsuit about Battlefield 4's buggy launch

    Fancy a bit of light legal reading to help your lunch and/or breakfast go down? A US federal judge has just dismissed a proposed lawsuit about "materially false and misleading statements" allegedly issued by EA with regard to the launch-day quality of Battlefield 4.

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    Xbox One owners to receive NBA Live 15 free for six hours

    The only thing better than basketball is free basketball, and the only thing better than free basketball is basketball from the 23rd century, featuring players with telescopic prosthetic arms, and a ball that's actually the head of that android guy from Aliens.

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    Xbox One's new ESL app threatens to make you a pro-gamer

    If you've always been tempted by eSports tourneys, but are well aware that you lack the dexterity and basic ruthlessness to participate, you should fear and dread the coming of Xbox One's Electronic Sports League app. According to the blurb, eSports on consoles "has never been easier", which is basically another way of saying that public humiliation has never been easier. Download at your peril, then.