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Friday 24th Oct 2014
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    Micro Machines returns on Xbox 360 as Toybox Turbos

    Micro Machines! Why, I haven't heard those words spoken aloud since... earlier this morning, when I plaintively asked Joe why nobody had released a new Micro Machines game yet. Codemasters was listening in, evidently: the F1 and DiRT developer has just announced spiritual sequel Toybox Turbos - a sweet spoonful of retro idiocy in which four players pilot dinky cars around kitchen sinks, piles of books and snooker tables.

Thursday 23rd Oct 2014
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    GTA and Bioshock publisher hiring for secret "genre-shifting" project

    Pity the poor publishers. They want to keep their big projects under wraps, but need to hire new blood to get them going. So they sneak up little morsels onto LinkedIn job listings - at which point we strike, like news-hungry wolves. Let us show you our latest prey. 2K Games has quietly spent the last month putting up adverts for new dev positions at the studio - many of which point directly to at least one new project being organised in-house on behalf of an "unannounced development studio" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Video: Watch out, Insomniac is bringing Sunset Overdrive's weapons to reality

    Insomniac's commitment to suicidally eccentric weaponry has reached a critical threshold. The studio and Microsoft have now contracted a bunch of DIY lunatics - sorry, I meant "hardware entrepreneurs" - to create versions of Sunset Overdrive's guns in reality. Reality being that place where you and all your loved ones live. Last one to the nuclear fallout bunker's a rotten egg, people.