New Sonic games coming in 2013


Cheeney Bop

I want to see a video game that brings back the old characters from the comics, i want to be able to play as Antoine, Bunnie Rabbot, Sally Acorn, Tails, Sonic and others. I feel if they came up with a nice game, that involves all the speedy levels that sonic lovers like today, but also has a great story that backgrounds the first comics and the saturday morning show that we all know and love, this could be an amazing game. Bring back the old characters.. 



I have time on my hands, so I made this account just to tell you that's the single worst idea I've ever heard in my entire life ever. I don't even own an Xbox.Nobody except annoying nerds (not all are annoying, but these ones are) knows those characters, and nobody likes them. they aren't the old ones.  they were made for a cartoon that had no resemblance to the games and got cancelled for being awful. The comics have horrible shitty stories. The newest writer makes the comic good, but even he seems to want all those ones you mentioned gone, because he's good and knows they're awful. However he can't change everything. That romance universe should stay as far away as possible from the games, they aren't the same things. You act like they have the right to be there. Anyway, that's the worst idea I've ever heard. You should feel bad you even implied they should do it. You also forgot to mention old charactes that are good and actually from games, like Fang. It'd be horrible. A great, simple story was Sonic Adventure 2. Any story with them would be, just, no. I can't even describe it. Thought I'd take a minute to tell you.



While I agree the Archie characters and romance should stay far away from the games, there was no need to be such an ass to that dude about it. Just leave it at "I disagree" and don't waste precious time you could be using jerking off.

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