Microsoft's Phil Spencer talks Xbox exclusives having "quality and impact"



Halo 2 needs to be remade in HD for the 360. It's kind of bad that it's the only game in the franchise that's hanging out there as JUST an original xbox title.As for exclusives, I'm personally FOR them. It's one of rhe things that separates the quality of one console from the next. Frankly, when Mass Effect went multi-platform after Bioware sold out to EA, the third game suffered from it IMO. The whole introduction of mindless multiplayer to appease the COD generation is a prime example of that.



HD remakes are for those serious gamers who understand where and what made todays games so great as well as the different quality of games from older generations which would concentrate on different aspects as something to boast about such as storyline, combat etc. Something all todays games do without much conviction like the coffee shops which say worlds best coffee. Also I refuse to buy any HD remake collection that doesn't have the first game in it. How can you say the Collection that started it all if you don't have the first one? I consider that false advertising as how that is definitely not the ones that "started it all" How publishers are allowed to release games that make these claims without someone suing them is or calling BS is beyond me.



This whole HD remake and exclusives argument really drives me crazy. I can't believe anybody really cares that much about HD remakes. Games today are so amazing and time-consuming, why would I want to go back? Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Skyrim, and Mass Effect are great examples of massive games that can take months to complete. Then other games have great multiplayer that extends the game experience. Besides, older games are usually better in their original state anyway.

The exclusives talk gets me mad because people are hypocritical about it. If Microsoft went around and bought up a bunch of studios, people would complain that they are taking up all the games. That's what the complaint was a few years ago when Microsoft paid a lot for exclusivity with games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Besides that, Sony isn't exactly raking it in with their games. I agree, some of their games are of a "high concept" variety and get great reviews. Then why don't they sell better? You can go to and see many high-profile Sony exclusives that either were beaten by Microsoft equals or barely pulled even.

I think Microsoft has made it clear that they want to produce the hardware and allow other companies to produce the software. They haven't been aggressive in pursuing studios and when Bungie wanted out, they didn't put up a fight. Microsoft knows that producing games is expensive and you have to get it just right to be a success. In a way, Microsoft's video game strategy is exactly opposite of the Windows one. For Windows they make the software and let everyone else make hardware. For Xbox, they make the hardware and everyone else makes software.



They're making pretty good money doing it with movies & DVD's  I'd like to see a remake of the original half life in HD.

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