Microsoft doubles down on interactive ads



I don't care for adds and don't really look at them on my Xbox, but I also don't really notice them. At least not the ones that I think of as adds. They are just little panels that in no way affect me personaly so I don't undertand the negativity towards them. They are so easy to avoid and if you just want to play your game just push the button. The play game tab is the first one and the favorites menu is the next one. I don't think they should be necessary because of the paid membership but whatever. The Xbox related panels on the dashboard which I don't think of as adds I like, but I don't think those are what we are talking about being a problem. When the adds will become an annoyance for me is when they start becoming the kind that pop up in your face and make you close out of like you run across on the internet. It may be inevitable but until then I barely notice them. I'd rather them be gone, but oh well.


Jim Fox

It may be just me, but when I glance at my Xbox these days, instead of thinking "Yeah, it'd be fun to fire that up and place some games!!!", I'm thinking, "Nah, it ain't worth wading through a bunch of ads and attempts by Microsoft to SELL me something just to get to the icon to launch the game disc sitting in the console’s DVD tray". Remember the Good-Ol-Days when Xbox allowed you to set your preferences so that the game in the DVD tray fired up without stopping, just by pressing the Start Button? They disabled that setting no doubt because they didn't want you to miss any of the great ads or offers on the launch screen. Now days I play games through my computer instead, with much better resolution and much quicker launch time than the old dinosaur Xbox..



Who seriously thinks, "Man, I sure am glad I had the opportunity to view this advertisement, I'll show my gratitude by posting it on Facebook and Twitter!"Fucking nobody is who. Maybe the same people who actually click the link on their porn to post it to facebook or twitter.

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