Major League Baseball 2K12 review


v7x sharkxswag

I have played this game throughly and to be honest i love it. I have been playing this game since 08 and it hasnt just gotten better its had a 100 percent turnaround. One thing that i hear people saying is that their not gonna buy it because it hasnt changed that much. Aside from new animations,menus,graphics,as well as commentary,and new throwing system, Online is something that isnt mention i have played over 15 games online with random people and friends and their is little to no lag at all it is great so for you online people no lag will be sure to change your mind about this game. Is it better than the show? probably not but its not that bad of a replacement



At the beginning you read "2K’s hardball sim has had an arduous journey through languid iterations and frustrating foibles"...Really? Does anyone talk like that. I also question if the reviewer even played the game outside of the Demo. Where is the meat to your review? This review is a "Swing and a Miss" in my books. 

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