Kinect Sports: Season Two review



Man, I don't know if I agree with all your negatives.  Some for and football are tech concept throw always, but the golf is fun and tennis is good and fairly responsive.  Skiing is okay, but will become dull quickly.  While darts is better than I expected (played a lot in College).  Over, glad I got to supplement "Season One?" which I feel was a better effort. 



I disagree on the skiing. I think if you like skiing at all (maybe we should ask Andy B) it is enjoyable, in my opinion. But baseball (specifically the home run derby) is horrible and football is simply abominable.I have only managed to hit one home run (?????) yet the announcer keeps saying great things about my "outs.." which I find odd. Running in place to take a base seems like it happens way too often. How about only when it might be a close play? If I hit a single to right field in no way should that be a close play at first.Football is just lame. I like the passing dynamic but that's it. Why run if you only have 4 downs to go the length of the field? No strategy, just throw long passes. And again with the annoying running in place...Golf is amazing. If the whole game was like golf it would be great. Practice swings, putting.. It just feels right.Darts? The only "fun" thing is waving your arms and trying to mess up the CPU when he's about to throw. They react rather funny to it. Including a game that requires such a degree of precision when it's hard enough to do anything really precise yet with Kinect? Fail, Rare.Tennis is pretty fun. Ryan, I remember you saying don't buy Virtua Tennis for the Kinect aspect, because Kinect was only used in the mini games.. If I remember correctly, at least.. The good thing in this game is you play tennis, Wii style, with your arms. Getting Rick Rolled for losing every point in a match is actually pretty funny. My 7 year old yelling out "Daddy I got Rick Rolled!" cracked me up..Now I feel compelled to ask why Rare didn't check this game out with US colleagues first.We don't say "side on," we never call a baseball or football game a "match", and darts has to be the most confusing game to include in a casual sports game ever. Makes me wonder how people can play it in a bar while quasi intoxicated. Last thing. The annoying "Barbara Streisand" song has to go. Re-use Blur's "Song 2" or something like that.. Barbara Streisand? Really? 



Wow.  Quite a slam.  Very short review - shortest ever? Can you navigate menus in "controller mode", like Dance Central 2?  This is a great feature I'd like to see more of....

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