Jurassic Park: The Game review



Great review Ryan, but I'm kind of dissapointed in this game. Poor graphics, no blood (from what I hear), and only QTE's..? 4 Episodes of 90 minuites each? *sigh* That kind of reads like 6 hours of mediocre game-time... AND it a RETAIL GAME not XBLA!?!Now don't get me wrong: I LOVE TELLTALE, And I'm at least glad to hear the story is good, but I don't think that'll be enough... Such a waste of a good licence.One things for sure; this is NOT cutting into my Skyrim time.  And I hope this doesn't come back to bite telltale in the ass later on...


Tricky Bandit

I was looking forward to this game more so than any other game before I found out that it was nothing but QTE's.  I LOVE Jurassic Park but I hate QTE's in games.  I still want to play it, but for the first time in around 3 years I plan to wait and buy it used when it gets to around $15 or $20, and that is mostly just so I can have it sitting on my shelf.  I keep thinking about how well it would worked with a Dead Island type of gameplay and exploration.  Come one Capcom....give us a new Dino Crisis to hold me over untill someone makes a proper JP game!  Please!!

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