I think 7.5 was a little generous, its a good game and all but some things didnt feel right, like the twitchy aiming and HORRIBLE respawning. A 7.0 would've been sufficient


i think in my opinion that jericho sits right along side bioshock for me... they both give me a pretty good scare and are both very actionpacked and are at a good difficulty range for many other players...but one thing is wrong with both of these games... "no online play" it would be fun to kill people in these games that actually think the same ways you do...


In the season of 10 happy OXM, I must admit to being disapointed by your 7.5 score for this game! First let me begin by agreeing with you on the respawn issue. It was a royal pain in the (underdermined part of your anatomy),everytime you died, body jumped, holy crap I am right in front of badies! How ever the game played smoothly from start to finish! It was entrancing and different. I was sucked in for two straight runthroughs!!! I think at least an 8 or even an 8.5 would have been a bit more fair and realistic.


Maybe I'll buy this game down the line, seems like I could have a ton of fun with it.


I loved the game, I found the gameplay somewhat original and the story was pleasently fullfilling.
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