Halo 4 review



Heck yeah. I'm ready for Tuesday. Halo 4 seems to be getting lots of love from all over the industry with the campaign being a definite high point. Our old friend Ryan McCaffrey's review over at IGN is glowing as well. I'm glad to see that my faith in 343i from the inception of the company was well placed. Aleady looking forward to what they can do with the next one even though this isn't even out yet, but for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy Halo 4 for a while. Once Tuesday comes anyway.



WOW xeno, you're actually waiting till Tuesday?!! LOL The game is amazing but let's just say I can't get online with it untill Tuesday!! I love my local game store. Have fun waiting!! LOL



Oh, you're going to be that dude, huh?

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