Grand Theft Auto 5 review



The game is amazing and definitely deserves a 10 but I felt rockstar couldve pushed it a little more. When I go to Los Angeles it feels like a giant city that keeps on going and going and I felt like the game didnt really capture that too well. It seem like you went from Michael's house in the hills to the airport or the industrial district far quicker than I should've been able too. The map is giant and the world has amazing detail but I would have liked it if they could have captured the feel of the real LA a littel more. Who knows maybe more people find the GTA V version of LA to be accurate. I guess they might have wanted to get away from a majority of the map being city after GTA IV where the entire map was city. Definitley happy fun things like jet planes and parachuting are back in the game. 


Mecoboy Dsq

As  MIKEL REPARAZ said in GTA 5 Review posted 09/16/2013 at 7:01am nobody makes and open world like quite like Rockstar. A company  that haves years of experience and have received the enough feed back to create one of the greatest games of all times. GTA 5 is their latest and most successful game that not only gives you fun but a new view to a video game where everything is more real, funny and entreating to play with diferent places to which gammers are used to in other GTA games. 

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