Gotham City Impostors review


Kool Kyle

This game is all about the wackiness. It is entertaining for hours on end because say the grappling gun isn't doing it for you, you can take to the glider and fly around or bounce on your inflatable shoes or skate and go off jumps. There is enough customization that I think, literally, every type of player was thought of in the making of this game, and then some. It's a fresh change of pace that is different from anything out there right now that it's hard not to like. It's my go to game if I only have an hour or so to play (otherwise it's Skyrim, of course) because it's fast action keeps everything moving quickly. This is the only game where, while I still try to win, I find myself not really caring if I lose because either way, it's a blast. If Batman and Joker went on vacation, I'm positive this is what would ensue. The more I play it, the more I am loving it. I agree with this 8.5 score. Sure it could use more game modes (and I bet they will come) but for $15, it's a great deal.



this game is super fun, flaws?  YES but SUPER FUN!!!!

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