Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime review


Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime review

The original spook-squashing squad’s getting a little long in the tooth, so this top-down shooter casts you as one of four rookie ghostbusters. Your job: tour old haunts like the Sedgewick Hotel and Parkview Mental Hospital and see who can disperse the most supernatural nastiness.

Your proton pack carries three different weapons, and the glowing color of each enemy tells which will prove most effective. The bright energy filaments of the classic beam work best against the likes of possessed bellhops; expanding electrical arcs drop mustard-hued spiders; and plasma-inductor blobs bounce off cemetery walls before dispatching blue gargoyles. Frequent switching between armaments keeps the repetitive march between spawn rooms tolerable, at least until the second half of the campaign starts recycling environments.

“Tolerable” is about as good as it gets. Play by yourself and you’ll be at the mercy of suicidal A.I. teammates who bring you halfway back from the dead and then wander off to be slaughtered. Play co-op online, and game-ruining glitches will drive you batty. Die, and comrades might be inexplicably unable to heal you. Restart an area, and some friends might spawn already dead. Defeat a boss, and the right trigger might simply refuse to deploy the level-ending ghost trap. Unless ghostbusting is in your very marrow, Sanctum isn’t worth the headaches.

On Xbox Live Arcade

+ Color-coded weapons and foes are engaging; scripted ride-along vehicle sequences.

- Recycled environments; pitiful teammate A.I.; comic-book cut-scenes are hard to read.

- Bug-ridden online co-op; no drop-in/drop-out means departed players get replaced with A.I. goons.

? Why can’t we do the driving?


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