Four ways the 360 is winning (and three ways it’s losing)



Microsoft made a good console but there is something in it that I don`t like. I am so bored of Kinect that I play it only after smoking some Legal Buds. They spend too much money and energy on trying to sell their products instead of developing new ideas that could crush their opponents.



I'm seriously concerned with the direction that Microsoft have taken with the kinect. I fully expected them to push casual titles and really support their new device , after all they did spend a mint on r&d and advertising. What I did not expect was to feel so abandoned as a hardcore gamer. To be fair my girlfriend has one and love's it, but after time with it it's just not for me. I know there were some potentially exciting games announced at TGS last year but I don't want to use kinect in any of my gaming experiences. Even the Star Wars game looked uhh boring. Now there's rumors that Kingdoms could be a kinect title and that would be me. Gears 3 obviously. After the beta I am certain that Epic is doing everthing right and I cant wait. I don't want more of the same either! Can we please have something fresh and unexpected. I would be thrilled to know that Microsoft has built and put together new first party studios. Just to know there is top talent working on quality non-casual games that are exclusive to my console of choice would be enough for me. I love Halo, but 343 can take as long as they want to make a game that is worthy of the title. I dont care if it comes out as a launch title for X3 whenever that may be. And lastly a Xbox handheld would steal E3 for me.
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