Forza Motorsport 4 review



Great Review Ryan! I had the same problem with Forza 3; for a game that loves driving it doesn't really teach you anything about how to drive. Learning how to drift was a combination of watching a ton of Youtube videos and lots of trial-and-error. It seems like a huge missed opprotunity there to teach people the fundamentals of racing. Heading out right now to pick up my pre-order!



This review only makes waiting for this game that much harder!



Pretty excited for this game, even though I'm still playing Forza 3 happily. And I could never stand the soundtracks outside of the first which had pretty good covers of rock songs, I prefer to listen to KOXM while playing Forza!



Thanks for a great review Ryan.  Had the collector's edition on pre-order but had to cancel due to circumstances. (My non-virtual car blew its tranny.)  I'm so bummed because your review supports what you can see in the demo, the game is amazingly beautiful and imminently accessible. Playing the demo on "Easy" as you describe it, is almost like playing on auto-pilot, but for people who are very casual with car games, it can be a real pickup and play joyride. (Unlike he Kinect game of that name.) Still speaking of the demo, what impressed me most about it was that this is the first Forza that I really wanted to play from the Cockpit view instead of the far follow-cam.  The in-car implementation is wonderful.  I'm a bit sad about the head tracking with Kinect, however.  That is the secondary reason I bought one (the primary being voice control).  I'm mobilly disabled, and standing is someting I can't do for long periods and jumping is out of the question.Keep up the good work there! I've been following most of the crew there starting with the Official Dreamcast Mag until now.  BTW congrats to you & Andy on your marriages.



Great review, Ryan! Shame about Kinect .. I had high hopes.  I'll also forgive them for the lack of Porsches :)  I simply cannot wait to play this game!



EA holds the licence for Porsche cars in racing games and would not sub let them out this time...god knows why but thats EA for you.

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