Former MS exec says the 360 succeeded thanks to PS3 launch problems


Tricky Bandit

I can remember that I was saving my money for a PS3 when the 360 came out and all my friends started switching from their PS consoles to the 360 and I would just laugh and call them dumb.  When the launch got closer and closer I kept waiting for the price to change...I mean $600 for a game system had to be a joke right?  Well when it got closer to launch and the price had not been reduced, I took that money I had been saving, bought a 360, LIVE and Rainbow 6 Vegas and I have been happy I made that choice ever since.  I have a PS3 now and it serves as a Blu-Ray player only.  I have 2 unopened games for it, but there is always something I would rather play on my Xbox.  Even though I am now on my 7th Xbox and even now my current S model is freezing up on me all the time resulting in me having to get up and unplug it (so it's looking like my 8th will have to happen) I am still happy to be a Xbox gamer.  I mean honestly, the fact that I am on my 7th Xbox says something.  I'd rather keep having a hard time with my Xbox's rather than switching to another platform.  High praise that is.

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