The First 30 Minutes of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (VIDEO)



Glad to see a promising new RPG series on the horizon. With all the A list talent behind this game it will probably be  a strong contender in the realm of top notch RPG's. Now if only XBox could loosen its regulations a bit to allow some MMO's on their service : )



I predict that will happen with the next-generation Xbox. There's just too much money to be made in the MMO space...Then again, I said that back in the Xbox 1 days, too, and look how many MMOs we got (hint: less than two, and none developed specifically for 360).


Tricky Bandit

Just wanted to take the time and let you all know that you are doing a great job with this site!  I've been a fan of the podcast for years and I now check the site daily.  You are great at putting up stories, videos, and all forms of content that I do not see on other gaming sites that I visit daily as well.  Keep up the good work and kudos!



Well said Tricky, I completely agree. I love the first 30min with commentary and the constant updates on the site now.


Francesca OXM

Thanks so much! Very kind words. We're still working on the site to improve it and bring more content, but really appreciate your comments!


xTBx King Papi

Really?? This game cannot even pray to hold a candle to Skyrim. Not to say its not cool the further you get into it, but this video doesn't do it. Looks a lot like fable though. 

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