EA voted worst company in America, responds to distinction



Just once, could the complained be shown the clout of it's consumers. Boycott EA, boycott until it hurts. No Madden, no NCAA, nothing, nada, zip. Forget enticements. Walk away. Everyone wants to legislate this or that. Simpler than that and you do not have any lobbiest, unless you consider Gamestop sales counter staff as such. If we just stopped buying, for a six months or so. maybe skip Madden until 2015, I am still playing the 2008 edition and face it folks each year, it is just harder to jazz up Football Games. A tweak here, a new camera shot, and the ol'  "This  years' Madden allows you to be an Agent to your favorite player. Get him exposure, a Car Wash Grand Opening, up to Supermarkets and maybe a commercial spokesperson gig or two. Do it right, and your fee may make you are a multi mill per year man or trying to get T. O. an acting job on the new NCI Locker Room Security. In a part written for someone like T.O. he  will have to assemble the clues to find who killed the Equipment Manager, with a "Sharpie" no less, and prove his innocence. Or is he fooling one team on the Field, and another searching for the "Marker". This sounds like edge of you seats' stuff.  We can go a year, or two easy.  



People need to understand that publicly owned companies put the interests of shareholders before customers.  Its what Riccitiello, Kotick and other CEOs are paid to do - maximize return to investors.  As long as we keep buying their goods by the millions of units, EA and Activision, et al will keep nailing us with "DLC" on-disc, annual releases of sports moneymakers,and micro transactions, etc.



It's a well deserved honor. 20 years ago I was an EA fan. They had what I believed to be the best games for consoles like Sega Genesis. But over the years they've grown bigger and bigger, and they've become like Hollywood where only money matters instead of the quality of their games. The latest garbage with Mass Effect 3 is only one example of many. Bioware had a great franchise until they sold their souls to EA.



I'll go back even farther. I used to love EA games on the commodore-64, they had the best graphics, the best sound, and aome of the most innovative games around, especially their "construction" series like pinbal constructiona set and adventure construction set. Now their just another money grubbing corporation out to make a buck any way they can.



I have not purchased a new game from EA in years. And thanks to their online passes, I will not be purchasing any used ones either.

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