DuckTales Remastered review



I have to say I am slightly disappointed in this.  I was hoping to play through the levels that I remembered as a kid.  I could probably beat this game in a good 50-60 minutes with no problem.  I remember the game that well.  So.... I get to Transylvannia and don't mind some of the changes.  It's an arcade game now, so whatever.  Cinematics, I enjoy them because well, it's the original voices... that's amazing!  So I get to the boss of transylvannia.... WHAT IS THAT?  I want to cuss so bad here.  WHAT IS THAT?  I wanted to play the boss how I remembered... I didn't want a challenge.  I wanted an original, favorite game that I had when I was a kid.  WHAT THE WHAT?  Come on now.  No one is going to buy this because they love Ducktales, they are going to buy it because they loved the game as a kid.  You ruined this for me.  This could have been an amazing play through of a classic.  I would have paid $15 to play this 2 or 3 times and be done with it.  $15 would have been a great trip down memory lane.  Now I regret buying this and probably won't even finish.Thanks.  

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