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Irregardless of the bad reviews I went an got it cause:1) I think this is a great idea that I want to see succeed and I want to support it.2) When to the local Gamestop last weekend and they were sold out of the 360 version. The counter guy, that I have a good opinion of, was estatic about how good the game was. The local Walmart was also sold out of the 360 version.3) Went back this Saturday to pick it up at my local Gamestop, and bought the last copy they had in stock, and almost three weeks out, they have yet to have a copy traded back in. That, to me, says this is a successful game.Started playing it 9:30 pm Saturday and didn't stop till 4am Sunday morning. It is a lot of fun. Since this is the first MMO that I have tried, maybe I am not as persnicity as other folk. Gameplay wise, it is about what I figured for an online game with hundreds, possibly thousands, of people playing at the same time.


specter se7en

@Bowmanganie - you don't happen to live in Phoenix, AZ by any chance?  Your experience sounds very familiar to my own.  I still have yet to get a copy of Defiance (in the mail being shipped from Gamestop).  Went into gamestop to preorder a couple of games and started talking to the guy about Defiance.  He was raving about how much fun it is and I was ready to buy it that night.  He then tells me that they have no copies and none have been traded in since release.  He said they were only able to get 2 new copies sent to their store in the next few days.  I can't find this game anywhere and no one has a used copy either.  Crazy, especially after seeing so many negative reviews.  The guy at gamestop had to order it for me from and it should be at my house sometime on Thursday. I've only played one MMO game and that was years ago on the PC (Anarchy Online).  I'm really excited to try this out and it seems like the biggest gripe about this game has been connection issues, server problems, bugs, etc.  All things which can be fixed if the developer is invested in improving the game.  Everything I've read on Trion says that they are very much connected to the gamers and looking to make improvements as much as possible which is a good sign.Can't wait for my copy to arrive so I can join the fight.  



Do not understand all the hate and lack of good reviews this game is getting.

I really and enjoy this game and play it every night for few hours. It is very enjoyable.

Only knock I do have on the game is some of the bosses are on the difficult side and it hinders the enjoyment of boss fights.

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