Dead Island review



This was a pretty much perfect review for in my view a Spectacular game. I really am glad that you guys talked about the major problem with weapons that degrade WAY to fast. That is one of my major problems I have with this game and it does get really annoying to me aswell. I think that you were spot on when it comes to the 4 player co-op deal. I think if they wouldnt have included that the game might have gotten about a 4.0 instead of a *cough* 9.5 *cough*. I think that somehow you should include some of how even with all the zombie games out there that this game had such a original storyline and such a original gameplay to it. The whole ranking up system did seem to relate to Borderlands but at the same time , lots of games are like that this day because Borderlands had a great ranking up system so why not use something similar to it. But I dont really think the tryed as much as they should have one the Fiream area. I know that the game wasn't supposed to be a "run & gun" style gameplay but most of the weapons just seem like copy's of eachother with different names. I think that the way weapons mods were included really made the game more enjoyable to me becuase I can have it my way (as long as I have enough money).  In all I think this game was Awesome and I wished you guys could have given it a 9.0, I just think it was that good and I hope to see more quality reviews coming from you guys.

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