Capcom: “No distinction” between on-disc DLC and full downloads



I get that it doesn't matter where the content is or isn't. That it's not meant to come with the game that you buy. I get it. It's not ilegeal. Right. But don't do it. It's not cool. For all we know, you (Capcom) planned, designed, and built the game in its entirety, all within the budget, and THEN looked at it once everything was done, and cut things out and put paywalls in front of it. Just to get your fans to shell out even more for the game than the amount you originally planned to sell the whole thing for, which was and still is enough for you to make the profits you were expecting to have from the start. Again, for all we know. And that, as I'm sure we can all agree, is a bad thing. We don't want companies doing this to us. Splitting the finished product into tiny pieces, selling the first slice for full price and selling the rest as DLC. Whether it's on the disc or not. It's outrageous. Sure, you can claim that it was all developed in parallel by a second team, and it was all a totally separate project with its own separate budget and investment that needs to see its own separate return. You can claim that, but we'll never really know. Not when you had it ready to go when the full game went into replication. In the future, this could be used as the excuse every single time. Capcom has started down the path of trying to merge the traditional revenue model with the free-to-play model and have it both ways. Don't let them have it both ways And don't try to tell me they're a business and that their goal is to make money. I know that. I just want them to be better at it. Pulling crap like this is not helping their image or consumer confidence or customer loyalty. They can be as greedy as they want to be, but their goal is to get me to willingly part with my money; if they weren't so STUPID, and went about accomplishing that goal with some tact and intelligence, they wouldn't try to pull off these asinine stunts.

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