Call of Duty lead Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling resigns



Every time I've switched jobs I have always used the term resign in my resignation letter. I don't see why the use of that word would raise any flags.



my favourite COD game was probably 2 or 4and you should check out the community response



I hadn't enjoyed a CoD game since Call of Duty 2 which was a launch title for the 360. Every CoD after that was just a copy of the last with only small improvements made to multiplayer with each future title. While I can agree that CoD4 was definitely a refreshing experience compared to the dry well that was WW2 games back then, it just didn't feel like the CoD that I was used to playing. I know everyone is sick of WW2 games, but the entire thing is just perfect for a video game and could be even better with all of the enhancements technology has gone through since WW2 games began to die out. When was the last time we had a AAA WW2 game? 2007? That was 5 years ago.



COD 4, the original Modern Warfare, was the only one worth owning, It was intense, original, and just had a great and compelling story that wasn't over-the-top. The sequels, however, have been pure Hollywood mindless garbage. Oh yeah, the multiplayer is all good and stuff, but after a few hours it becomes nothing but the same old mindless multiplayer that you get with almost any game. Infinity Ward abandoned quality story-telling, and it's a shame.

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