Call of Duty franchise sales are down



I personally think CoD should end. They've made so many games. Also, it's basically re-releasing the same game every year set either in WWII or the Cold War. (PS: Why would the Cold War have fighting? It was a forty year war of politics, mainly. Why should we have Black Ops invading Russia when politics were battling in ways of treating other countries. Why did the US even get all up in Russia's face, even?) Anyways, I think CoD sucks. i've never bought one game after plaing MW. I didn't like the concept at all.



I would actually blame the elite sales for the loss of revenue in MW3 why should we fork out £35 for a game and then £35 for the elite sybscription for a year which is in essence just a stat tracker ok there are some good things about it the overhead view of the maps that alow you to learn topography of each map but you get that for free anyway just dont see the point.



I do think that CoD would have been better served with releasing biennial rather than every year.  While admittedly, I've bought every one, the amount I've played each has varied greatly.  I only played WaW, MW2, and BO probably less than 100 hours between the 3 online.  I almost passed on MW3 but my bro was playing heavily and I got it for $32 shipped.  For whatever reason, I'm back into playing MW3 online more than ever and have already put in 75ish hours.  CoD4 is still my fav.  That game with a few of the perk/kill streak tweaks would be even more beastly.  While the drop is only 4.2% and more than made up for by Elite subs, it does portend that many may be getting bored with the series.  It happened with Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk (2 other series that were pretty popular and that Activision has pretty much killed with annual releases).  Instead of CoD, I'd rather have Treyarch work on the next generation of Wolfenstein (but AFAIK, Zenimax/Bethesda may now own the rights to that)  One can dream anyway. 



Oh my God! a whole 4.2 percent! The franchise is DOOOOOOOMED!!!!



Good. Pumping out virtually the same game every year is basically robbery.

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