Call of Duty: Black Ops II review



I would give 8 instead of 8.5. Black Ops 2 is not as good as expected. Campaign is interesting, story really fits well, but playability is not so atractive. Nothing new, just guns-blazing and killing millions of bad guys. Combat Training has got one step forward, but it still lacks the most important things: Search & Destroy and leveling up (MW2, MW3 style) in split-screen/system link. Multiplayer if very futuristic, guns are not attractive anymore. Perks are very weak part of the game from now on. You can go entirely without Perk 3 and it doesn't even feels. Strike Force missions are not interesting at all. All you have there is 10 minutes of non-stopping guys popping out of the choppers and doing the same stuff over and over again. (These 10 minutes felt like 1 hour to me). And finally we got Zombies. Tranzit and Grief are good additions to the game, but... It's just one more sugar cube into already sweet tea. Survival is enough, you will realise that after some time. After all, fire-everywhere theme is very boring. Greatest thing in Black Ops 2 is changed sounds. Now we have better gun and footsteps sounds, which gives that all-new feeling. In conclusion - I thought Black Ops 2 will be much better. I don't say it's a bad game, but...Activision, maybe it's time to finish with this downgrading game and start something entirely new ?Anyway, it's just my opinion.

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