Binary Domain review


Colin H

Sorry to put this here, but I didn't know where else to ask.  Is there any way (probably one I am missing) to tell what content from the website (like this review) is going to be in the magazine?  Living in Canada, my magazines come in bunches (usually none for a couple months, then two in a couple days).  And sometimes when they come I find a bunch of the articles are already on here.  I don't buy a magazine for breaking news, but neither do I want to wait a couple months and then read a magazine where half of everything is a repeat that I end up skipping.  As a result, I don't read anything on the site here, so as not to spoil the magazine.  The other option was to unsubscribe to the magazine, and only come here.  Could it be made clear somehow when something is "website only" so I can use the site and the magazine (and awesome podcast of course, which is the best part of the whole lot), without one of those spoiling the other?  Of course, as I said, this probably is already clear somewhere and I'm just too dense to see it.  Thanks.

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