Battlefield 4 preview - our first impressions of DICE's next blockbuster



BF4 looks great, but all I want from DICE is Mirror's Edge 2 with all the pretty graphics of a BF game.  Minus the color palate. 



My friends, and my brother and I have been playing Battlefield games since '42. I can honestly say that none of us gave a shit about the "demo" (I refer it as a short hand-holding film-game) and it's sad when the press shows more hype for this than your actual buddies :\



  It looks and sounds steller so far. I hope they truly do strive to stay away from the "corridor" shooter experience. The Battlefield: Bad Company 1 sindle player campaign did this very well, with wide open landscapes you could explore and fight on. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 however eliminated the freedom. If you tried to stray outside a narrow area, you were threatend with insta death. Nothing takes you out of a game more than getting KIA'd for taking a single step too far across a magic barrier.

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