Aliens: Colonial Marines review



     I too could not wait for this game to come out and I too bought the Collector’s edition because I am a huge fan of the Aliens franchise, and yes I too hated “Aliens Resurrection”.  Even Aliens 3 was a stretch, but I did learn that they wanted to try to bring back the fear the original Alien movie created regarding one Alien that was smarter, stronger and one step ahead of us humans.  Aliens Colonial Marines is a fun game, yes it is, play through to the end and tell me it was not fun.  Tell me it was not fun walking around on the “Sulaco” the actual “Sulaco” from “Aliens”.  The detail, the cryo-tubes, the lockers, the bridge, the areas not revealed in the movie, the enormity of the ship in its entirety, all there for you to roam.  On to LV-426, tell me it was not fun running around the landscape, seeing the destruction from the implosion of the “Atmosphere Processor” signified with the downed sign of “Hadley’s Hope”.  Tell me it was not fun finding the “map” table in what is left of “Operations” or the two sentry guns mounted in the hallway and one still has 4 rounds left.  Tell me is was not fun rummaging through the sewers finding the head of Newt’s doll, well actually that was not so much fun because those darn “boilers” scared the heck out of me.  Tell me it was not fun entering the Derelict and finding the “Space Jockey”.  This is what we wanted, to go to LV-426 as a Colonial Marine and kick some Alien butt.  I have read too many times that the story is weak, I think the opposite.  It gives a better explanation as to the beginning of Alien 3 than the actual movie did…what caused the fire, what caused the ship to go into alert and eject the cryo-tubes….well now you know….thanks.  I just wanted to be one of the few to post something positive about this game.  I enjoyed finding the collectable “dog tags” and you can also read about each Marine’s demise from the menu screen after locating them.  I am not telling you to go buy this game, or pass over it, or even return it.  Simply put that I had a lot of fun playing this game, and in the end isn’t that what video games are supposed to do, give the player an entertaining experience. 



I bought the collectors edition from Gamestop. Now it looks like I won't even bother playing it. I waited for this game for over 2 years and I read here that the game was in development for 6? I wonder what went so wrong that Gearbox contracted the game out to 5 different developers? The game play has been universally panned by all the major gaming sites. IGN only gave it a 4.5. I might as well return my $100 albatross and wait for the game to hit the $20 bargain box in a month ot two.

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