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Hi Fran!

FRANCESCA REYES: Editor-in-Chief

A little something you didn't know about Fran: Fran enjoys baking, and the staff enjoys Fran baking, because whatever she bakes, she shares. Her lifetime goal is to make vanilla crazy cake — exactly as instructed.

Junk food of choice: Ramen and cupcakes

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Hi Alaina!

ALAINA YEE: Managing Editor

A little something you didn't know about Alaina: Despite her size, she regularly inhales enough food to put men twice her size to shame. Also, she's been known to take out people foolish enough to get between her and her meal when she's hungry. You've been warned. 

Junk food of choice: Chile Picante CornNuts, 4 oz at a time

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Hi Dave!

DAVE CORDON: Art Director

A little something you didn't know about Dave C: He owned (and wore) a T-shirt with a portrait of Laura Palmer back in the '90s. And don't tell him we told you, but he also owned a copy of the Twin Peaks novelization of Laura Palmer's diary. Shhh!

Junk food of choice: French fries

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Hi Dave!

DAVE RUDDEN: Senior Editor

A little something you didn't know about Dave R: He's taken part in two of the most taxing activities one can subject their body to, running a half-marathon in 2008 and foolishly trying stand-up comedy for a few months in 2005. Fortunately, footage from neither event can be found on YouTube. 

Junk food of choice: Pretzel M&Ms

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