67 million Xbox 360s, 19 million Kinects sold since respective launches


Jim Fox

I'm glad to hear that the 360 is successful, but ENOUGH ALREADY! MS has GOT to at least give us something to look forward to, by giving us a peek at their ideas for the next console to keep us on the hook. I bought my last two games for the PC rather than the Xbox. I’m really impressed by the look and speed of the DirectX 11 graphics and the quickness between scenes and reloading that my computer’s SSD gives me. My PC makes Xbox gaming feel like Atari 2600 games did when the Nintendo first came out (Yes, I’m that old, sorry). I’m ready to bolt to PC gaming and if the rumors that the next Xbox will use last year’s generation of video card and no optical drive are true, I’m-outa-here. Microsoft seems to be aiming at making the next Xbox a movie pay-per-view, advertizing cash-cow. I use Windows Media Center for HD Cable recording and viewing. I don’t need an underpowered, over-extended former gaming machine for that. Give us the next generation Xbox with state-of-the-art graphics (to last the next ten years) 4K graphic capability (it’s coming boys), a fast roomy internal Solid State Hard Drive with a terra-byte removable Hard Drive plugged on the outside strictly for game saves and video storage, a BLU-RAY optical drive so I can OWN my games and play them years later when Microsoft has decided not to support them anymore in the “CLOUD”.



Oh yeah, and just as things are going good..........it may get pulled from the store shelves! Microsoft better straighten out their problems with Motorola!

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